In the Long Run TV Comedy Drama Series (Series 2 & 2 - 2019-20).

Set Decorator. Starring & devised by Idris Elba.

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Set against the backdrop of growing up in 1980s East London.

Shot on location in London, Essex and at Twickenham Studios.

Torchwood TV Drama Series (Series 1 & 2 - 2006-8).

Production Designer & Set Decorator. Time travelling sleuths battle aliens and solve crime, set against the backdrop of love and intrigue. Shot on location in Wales, England and at BBC Wales - Trefforest Studios.

Horizon (Special) - Wings of Angels.  

Production Designer.

Period docu-drama set between 1937-1947, the true story of David Lack, who is the first person to prove Darwin's theory of evolution.

Filmed on location in the UK & Galapagos Islands.

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